2 Indians released after brief detention in Thai blast case

SansadTV Bureau

Bankok-blast-4The two Indians picked up by Thai police in connection with the recent Temple blast, have been released after interrogation.

The authorities said that were released after they found nothing suspicious about the two in the interrogation.

“Everything was found in order by the authorities,” the police said.

Sources also said that the two men were taken into custody on Sunday night after they were seen on CCTV talking to a foreign suspect wanted in the blast case. No charges were made against them and they were only questioned because they lived in the room next to one where the police had found bomb-making materials. The police said that both Indian men had legal work permits.

The names and identities of the two men have largely been withheld but it is known that the men belonged to Jammu and Kashmir and Karnataka, sources told PTI. Reports suggest that their background was also checked.

In the ongoing probe, the Bangkok police has issued arrest warrants against 12 suspects. Of them, two foreigners have been arrested. One of them is said to hold a Chinese passport.

The police say that they have arrested a suspect named Yusufu Meralli near the Cambodia border, who has confessed to the military interrogators that he had assembled the bomb for the actual bomber. Meralli, who is 25 years old, has revealed that the mastermind of the attack is someone named Izaan. According to Merali, Izaan commanded the operation by using the WhatsApp chat application.

Bankok-blast-1Meralli has reportedly testified that Izaan left Thailand for China from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport on August 16, a day before the bombing. According to Meralli, Izaan was expected to go to Bangladesh from China.

The police are still hunting for the bomber who carried out Thailand’s deadliest blast at the Brahma shrine which killed 20 people and injured 100 others.

Adem Karadak who is also known as Bilal Mohammed, was the first arrest in the case. He has been remanded from military custody to prison.

On Sunday, a combined force of police and army officers raided several apartment buildings in Nimit Mai area of Min Buri district. The raid was part of a crime suppression measure in the area as many foreigners rent apartments there, said Col Wattana Yichin, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police in charge of the Minburi police station.

(With inputs from PTI)