PM seeks people’s feedback on 3 years of his govt

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking feedback from people on the working and function of his government after completing three years in power.

PM took to twitter on Friday morning to seek inputs from general public directly on the Prime Minister’s app.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi is expected to kick-start the Making Of Developed India (MODI) Fest in Assam to mark the third anniversary of the BJP-led NDA government in power at the Centre.

The high point of the celebrations will be a series of festivals, which allow the BJP to push the Prime Minister’s name while also acronym-ing, a favourite tactic of the party.

All chief ministers of the BJP-ruled states and their deputies will participate in MODI Fest in the capital of their respective states.

File photo of Cabinet meeting, headed by Prime Minister Modi. Photo-PTI

File photo of Cabinet meeting, headed by Prime Minister Modi.

Events will be held in about 900 cities across the country between today to June 15 to highlight the achievements in the three years of the central government.

The festivals will be organised by state governments; apart from presentations highlighting key government policies and accomplishments, caps and leaflets about large welfare schemes will be shared.

For its second anniversary last year, the government, having lost crucial elections in Delhi and Bihar, was a little subdued. This year, the outsize win in Uttar Pradesh and the popular support for demonetisation has led to a considerable scaling up of messaging.

Attacking those who question the government’s performance, BJP chief Amit Shah said yesterday that they should first answer what they did while in power for decades.

Since the landslide victory in 2014, the BJP has performed well in the recently held state elections. The duo of PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah stitched the most astonishing win in India’s largest state- Uttar Pradesh- with 312 seats out of 403 seats.