Taliban targets Indian envoy in Kabul; 4 Indians killed

SansadTV Bureau


Four Indians and American nationals were killed when  three Taliban gunmen stormed a guesthouse popular among foreign nationals in Afghanistan capital city Kabul.

According to the reports, the target of the chilling attack was India’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Amar Sinha. The militants were believed to have thought that the Indian envoy was was present in the compound, Afghanistan  President Ghani’s special envoy for good governance Ahmad Zia Massoud told the press while visiting the scene of attack.

The attack started at around 9 PM on Wednesday when three gunmen launched a brazen assault at the Guesthouse, located in the Kolola Pushta area of the Kabul city.

Soon after the gunmen stormed the guest house, Afghan National Security Forces including Special Forces arrived and began striking back the attackers and also rescuing those under siege inside the guest house.

There was no clarity over the overall death toll apart from the confirmation that four Indians and an American were among the dead. At least six people were also wounded in the attack.

After the attacks, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the siege at the guesthouse which was about to host a musical concert.

“The attack was planned carefully to target the party in which important people and Americans were attending,” the militants said in a statement.

When the attack took place, the musical event was due to begin and was to be attended by the Turkish and Indian guests as well Afghan nationals, an Afghan Security official said in a statement.

Kabul police chief Abdul Rahman Rahimi have claimed that the security forces have rescued 54 people from inside the guesthouse. United States Embassy in Kabul confirmed the death of one of American national in the attack.

All three attackers were killed in the siege that lasted for about seven hours, ending in the wee hours on Thursday morning.