81 persons die of swine flu in MP this year

SansadTV Bureau

At least 81 people have died due to swine flu in Madhya Pradesh since January this year.

“As many as 81 people have died due to swine flu in different districts,” an official in the state Public Relation department, told on Tuesday.

The highest number of causality due to infection of H1N1 virus, 15, was reported in Indore, the official said.

A total of 961 samples of patients were taken from different districts since January 1, 352 tested positive for swine flu, while 356, negative.

Remaining samples were being under tests.

The officer said 126 patients have been discharged after being treated for the disease.

Some patients are being treated, he said adding that adequate stock of medicine was available in hospitals for treatment.

He said 14,000 masks and 170 personal protection equipment kits have been distributed in the state to check the spread of the disease.

“Out of the stock of one lakh tamiflu tablets, over 90,000 have been to given people. And we have already placed order for another one lakh tamiflu medicine,” he added.

He said that 110 hospitals – including 53 private ones – have been authorised to treat patients in 51 districts of the state.

People suffering from breathing problem, cold and -fever have been advised to see doctors immediately across 110 hospitals and should also keep a check on visiting crowded places, he said.