Alleging conspiracy by BJP, Hooda demands re-election

RSTV Bureau
Fil photo of Advocate RK Anand along with INLD leaders in Chandigarh

Fil photo of Advocate RK Anand along with INLD leaders in Chandigarh

Former Haryana Chief Minister and Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda alleged that BJP designed a conspiracy during the counting of votes in the Rajya Sabha elections in Haryana and demanded a re-election.

“Our MLAs were not allowed to use their pen for voting. They were changed at voting area. If all 12 votes were cast using same pen, it indicates towards a conspiracy by BJP & election machinery,” said BS Hooda

Officials said that 14 votes were declared invalid after Congress legislators used wrong ink. Hooda conveyed to party bosses that it was the Returning Officer’s fault because the pen that was used to cast votes was provided by him.

“We will file complaint with Election Commission., It’s a grave matter, it should be probed, and everything will come out if election petition is filed,” said Congress General Secretary BK Hariprasad


File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Former Haryana CM Hooda

Lawyer RK Anand, an independent candidate, backed by the Congress and Indian National Lok Dal lost his election after 14 Congress legislators’ votes were disqualified. As a result, BJP-backed businessman Subhash Chandra secured an easy victory.

This likelihood emerged after the party asked former chief minister Hooda to explain how his vote and that of 12 other MLAs supporting him could all have been disqualified for being ‘inked’ wrong.

Congress was hoping that all 17 votes of the Congress legislators would go to RK Anand, but only three went to him putting full stop to the advocate’s Rajya Sabha dream.

Total 90 legislators of Haryana Assembly took part in voting held on Saturday where 47 MLAs from BJP, 17 Congress MLAs and 19 members of INLD voted to elect Rajya Sabha member. Union minister Birender Singh had earlier sailed through the election.