Amended provisions of Motor Vehicle Act 2019, comes into effect from today


New Delhi: A view of traffic jam in New Delhi (PTI Photo)

New Delhi: A view of traffic jam in New Delhi (PTI Photo)

The amended provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, which hike the penalty for traffic rules violation have come into force.

As many as 63 clauses of the Act, which correspond to an increase in the fine for traffic rule violation came into force midnight last night.

The fine for jumping red-light has been revised from 1,000 rupees earlier to 5,000 rupees now. Driving without wearing the seat belt, which earlier invited a fine of 100 rupees will now attract a fine of 1,000 rupees.

The fine for rash driving has also been revised from 1,000 rupees to 5,000 rupees. And if caught for drunken driving, one needs to cough up a hefty fine of 10,000 rupees.

The fine for driving without a license is now 5,000 rupees, while driving without a copy of insurance will invite a fine of 2,000 rupees. Heavier penalty will also be levied on those driving beyond the permissible speed limit.

As per the bill, over-speeding will invite penalty between 1,000 and 2,000 rupees. If a juvenile is caught driving a vehicle, his guardian and the owner of the vehicle will be deemed guilty.

A steep fine of 25,000 rupees, with imprisonment up to three years, will be levied on such defaulters. The registration of the vehicle will also be cancelled. Besides, the juvenile will not be issued a licence till he reaches the age of 25.

Penalties have also been hiked for two-wheeler riders. Riding without wearing a helmet will invite a fine of 500 rupees on the first occasion, and if repeated twice, the fine will be 1,500 rupees. The fine for triple riding has also been increased from 100 rupees to 500 rupees.