Amit Shah is a terrorist: Lalu

Patna, May 6 (PTI): Attacking Narendra Modi’s close confidant and former Gujarat Minister of State for Home Affairs Amit Shah over his Azamgarh remarks, RJD President Lalu Prasad, today called him a ‘terrorist’.

“Amit Shah is a terrorist. He is the right hand man of Narendra Modi and behind riots in Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar. These are the people who will burn the country with communal violence. They have lost ground and are hence showing their true colours now,” Prasad told reporters.

The RJD chief was reacting to Shah calling Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh a ‘base of terrorists’ – a comment which has triggered furious reactions from political parties opposed to the BJP. They are demanding that the Election Commission take immediate action against Shah on this issue.

Prasad also deplored the use of pictures of Lord Ram at Modi’s public meeting at Faizabad, which is close to Ayodhya. He said, “This is a ploy to communalize the poll environment there.”

“Modi or BJP have nothing to do with Ram or Rahim. They want to communalize the poll environment there. There is nothing new in this as they have been resorting to this for several years now. It’s a shame that they are using people in the garb of ‘sadhus’ (monks) to solicit votes,” added Prasad.

On Modi’s ‘challenge’ to EC to take action against him, Prasad said this reflects his frustration and acceptance of defeat in the ongoing parliamentary elections.