Another Blast in Kabul; busy shopping area targetted

SansadTV Bureau

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At least 5 people are reportedly killed in a powerful bomb explosion in Kabul Tuesday evening. More than 40 other are reported to have been wounded. The bomb attack, believed to be detonated by a suicide bomber took place near Serana Hotel in a busy shopping district of Afghanistan capital city Kabul. The said hotel is frequented by lot of diplomats and government officials.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi has confirmed the blast.

According the initial reports, the blast happened in the car park of the Justice Ministry, which is close to one of Kabul’s busiest commercial areas. Ambulances and police vans could be seen carrying the victims and the injured. As per the eyewitness account, the windows in buildings surrounding the Justice Ministry have been shattered. The survivors and injured could be seen running or calling for a help.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the blast. The Taliban said they were behind an attack on a Kabul guesthouse last week that killed 14 people, including four Indians, and a suicide car bombing this week that killed three people.