Another blogger killed by hardliners in Bangladesh

SansadTV Bureau

bangladeshmapIn a shocking incident suspected in Bangladesh, Islamist hardliners hacked to death a secular blogger near his home in northeastern Bangladesh. This is a third such murder of a liberal thinker since February this year in Bangladesh.

According to the local police, the blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked by the gang of masked men with large cleaver-like knives near his house at Subidbazar area in Sylhet city Tuesday morning. Das, who succumbed to his injuries very soon, was on his way to his office nearby.

“They (killers) attacked him from behind…he was hit with machetes on the head and visibly died instantly,” an eyewitness told the press.

An opinionated writer, Ananta Bijoy Das is also known for writing the preface of a book authored by Avijit Roy, who was the first victim of deadly attack in Bangladesh. A close friend of Das, Shahiduzzaman Paplu, told media that he was known for his writing on “materialism and logic” in blogs.

Off-late a disturbing trend has sparked off in Bangladesh with Islamist hardliners attacking and murdering the bloggers. The hardliners have labelled them as “atheist bloggers”.

Earlier in February, the independent and liberal writer’s fraternity in Bangladesh was left shock and in fear after the assailants killed 45-year old Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi-born US national. Roy’s wife, who was with him, narrowly escaped the attack. And a month later, another blogger Oyasiqur Rahman was murdered in similar fashion in Dhaka. The attackers in Rahman’s case were nabbed by the people at the scene and were handed over to the police.

What is more alarming is the fact that the murder of Das has come just a week after Al-Qaeda in Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on Roy.