Another day of no work in the Rajya Sabha

SansadTV Bureau

A scene in the Rajya Sabha during the winter session, in New Delhi on Wednesday, 07 December, 2016.

On Thursday, the Upper House of the Parliament adjourned for the day because of the ruckus created in the House by both the Opposition and the treasury benches over the issue of demonetisation.

Union minister Venkaiah Naidu hit out at the Opposition for not letting the House function.

The Opposition began to shout slogans inside the House against the government on the issue of demonetisation, citing the number of deaths that had occured because of the move.

As the chaos continued, the treasury benches also began their protest to drown the allegations of the Opposition.

“Let there be debate,” an angry Naidu as another MP alleged that over 100 people had died due to demonetisation.

“After the LOP (Leader of Opposition) speaks, they do not give the government a chance to speak…What is happening in the Houese,” lashed out Naidu.

“Are we so helpless…the Chair should take the issue very seriously…they are not allowing the government to speak,” Naidu said.

Amid ruckus, the Chairman of the House, Md Hamid Ansari was heard saying, “Please stop this cross-fire, please stop this cross-fire.”

Moments after that the Leader of the Opposition in the House, Ghulam Nabi Azad was initially not allowed to speak. He began to speak amid a massive uproar created by the treasury benches.

“About 100 people have died because of demonetisation….and we wanted to pay tribute to those people, but governemnt has The Prime Minister has refused to pay tribute in the House….They should be ashamed,” alleged Azad.

He also told the House that the Opposition had observed a black day to mark one month since the demonetisation move came into effect.

Azad’s remarks infuriated the government even more. As ruckus continued, Leader of the House Arun Jaitley stood up to speak but the Opposition did not let him speak.

As there was no letting up by the Opposition, the House was adjourned  until 12 noon.

As soon as the House reconvened, it had to be adjourned until 2 pm as sloganeering and protests continued.

Scenes in the House were no different post-lunch, and finally the House was adjourned for the day.