RS Chairman: Regular and continuous disruptions characterised this session

SansadTV Bureau

Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, Md. Hamid Ansari gave a valedictory speech before the House was adjourned sine die.

 Here is the complete text of his speech:

Honourable members, the 241st session of the Rajya Sabha that commenced on 16th November, comes to a close today. The Secretary General will make available to the honourable members the relevant statistical data.

I had fervently hoped that I would not have to repeat what I said at the conclusion of the 221st session in Dec 2013. My hope stands belied.

Regular and continuous disruptions characterised this session. The symbolism of dignified protest so essential for orderly conduct of Parliamentary proceedings was abandoned. This deprived members of the opportunity to seek accountability of the executive through questions and discussions on matters of public interest.

The prohibition in the rules about shouting slogans, displaying posters and obstructing proceedings by leaving their assigned places was consistently ignored by all sections of the House. Peace prevailed only when obituaries were read.

All sections of the House need to introspect on the distinction between dissent, disruption and agitation.

The House functioned on the first day of the session and had a useful discussion on demonetisation on November 16 and on November 24 which remained inconclusive.

The House also passed on Dec 14, the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2014. I thank the Deputy Chairman, the members of the panel of Vice Chairmans and the officers and the staff of Secretariat for their help and cooperation.

Before we disperse may I wish you the season’s greetings and a very happy new year.

The House stands adjourned sine die.