Anti-India stance will not be tolerated: Kiren Rijiju

Neelu Vyas

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju slammed the leftist groups and their affiliated political parties for polluting the minds of youth and inciting an anti-India agenda on the University campuses.

Hinting at the Ramjas College incident of February 21st and Feb 22nd and the aftermath that followed the Delhi University poster girl Gurmeher Kaur, Rijiju candidly said that BJP was pursuing a nationalistic agenda and will not spare people like Umar Khalid or anyone who rises anti-India slogans.

On being asked whether BJP mixed nationalism with Freedom of Speech, Minister of state said freedom of speech and its extent is something to be debated for but anti-India stance will not be tolerated. Targeting certain sections of the media Rijiju said that deliberately certain sections put the spotlight on Gurmeher Kaur while she became a pawn at the hands of parties like Congress and the Left.

Here are some excerpts from the interview given to Rajya Sabha TV Anchor Neelu Vyas

Q: Dissent and debate are the essences of any university, is this space being denied to the students? 

A: Debate is totally misplaced nowadays, No restrictions are imposed on debates in any college, and universities. Everyone speaks their mind Prime Minister is the subject of abuse almost every day… No one is harassed for abusing government

Q:  Ii seems that nationalism and freedom of speech are being mixed up?

A: The only debate is regarding Freedom of Speech in India…. Is it totally unqualified! No second thought, Freedom of Speech guaranteed by Constitution of India


Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju

Q: What do you feel about the Ramjas College incident which happened on 21st and 22nd February?

A: Far leftist who support extremists, needs debate whether it comes under Freedom of Speech or not 4:35, the incident was gamelan by left parties, Left lost the mandate of people. Stirring controversies to remain in public domain…

Q: It seems certain sections have monopolised nationalism whose agenda is if you are with me it’s ok otherwise you are an anti-national?

A: No blockade for any movement in universities. Government is not in a mood to censor anything. India witnessed censorship in 1995 during emergency. Nobody can monopolise nationalism. Concept of nationalism varies. Umar Khalid is anti-India in conduct.

My agenda is clear, you may disagree… For us, India is supreme… Supporting anti-Indian slogans becomes a point of question.

Q:  Talking to you about the poster girl of the save du movement Gurmeher Kaur, is she an anti national? How does BJP look at her?

A: Gurmeher is not a poster girl, some people made up. She is just a student. India has always put efforts for peace.

India had never attacked any country, there is no war between India and Pakistan, Posting anything in social media becomes elements of public consumption, she is just a student for me No point making a mere girl a symbol.

Q: Don’t you think BJP is running a nationalistic agenda and dividing the society on the basis of something which does notepad you anywhere?

A: Division was created during UPA time. I am talking factual. If anyone is threatened then govt takes action, anyone abusing in social media is penalised, clean chits can’t be given to perpetrators, social media is not confined to any campus.

Q: You are slamming the left but what about congress?

Congress is not relevant in this contest. Polluting young minds is done by far leftists. Congress is guided by dynastic interests. India a democratic country, free for debate..