Arun Jaitley targets Rahul Gandhi for raking up Rafale deal issue

RSTV Bureau
Arun Jaitley. (Photo: PTI)

Arun Jaitley. (Photo: PTI)

Union Minister Arun Jaitley, on Tuesday, slammed Congress President Rahul Gandhi for raking up the issue of Rafale jets in his speech during the debate on No-Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha on July 20.

In his blog on Facebook, Jaitley alleged that Congress was resorting to diverting tactics by raking up the issue of Rafale jets. He alleged that the Opposition is on weak ground for the 2019 polls, and that’s why the Congress President accused the government of being non-transparent in the Rafale deal.

Many in Congress party have realized that 2019 is not their election, said Jaitley in his FB post. The minister also alleged that Congress party president has inherent and inbuilt limitations. He further emphasized that PM Modi has led a scam free Government.

He said that Congress manufactured the Rafale deal issue and distorted the truth which has failed to cut much ice.

“It’s a Government to Government agreement with no private group involved.  It involves national security and it is the armed forces which have preferred this aircraft for its improved combat ability.  The UPA Ministers also never disclosed the cost breakup of the weaponry because that is not in larger national interest.  The supplier/ OEM manufacturers of defence equipment appoint their own offset manufacturers.  The Government has nothing to do with it.  The truth always holds together.  It is falsehood that falls apart”, Jaitley wrote in the post.

Rahul Gandhi spoke about the Rafale issue in Lok Sabha during the debate on No Confidence motion against NDA government.  He accused defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman of speaking “untruth” in the deal.

Gandhi claimed that the French prime minister had personally told him the Rafale jet deal between the two governments had nothing in it that needed to be kept secret, which could hamper the country’s security. Gandhi, then demanded answers from Prime Minister Modi on why he allegedly favoured a particular businessman in the contract.

PM Modi hit back to Rahul Gandhi’s allegations and asked him to abstain from “childish statements” such as describing surgical strikes as a ‘jumla”.

PM Modi termed Gandhi’s accusations over Rafale fighter jet deal as immature political game and refuted all the allegations. PM Modi’s statement further got a boost when the French government issued a statement saying that the 2008 agreement signed by the two nations legally binds protection of classified information that could impact security and operational capabilities of the defence equipment of India or France.