Getting back at Rahul, BJP accuses Cong of past grafts

SansadTV Bureau
File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally. PTI

File photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally.

Hours after Rahul Gandhi attacked the government in his maiden speech as party chief, the ruling BJP dubbed the Congress as a “corrupt thought process”, referring to its years in power when the UPA government was plagued by alleged graft cases.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra launched a sharp attack on the Congress citing the sentencing of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda, who was supported by the Congress, in a corruption case Saturday.

“This speaks volumes about the thought process, the working nature of Congress party. So a new president or an old president, the working style of Congress party, the corrupt ways of Congress party still remain the same,” he told reporters.

Irony that despite the Congress not being in power for four years, corruption cases were still tumbling out and people jailed for corruption they did when it was in power, he added.

“Congress is not an ancient thought process as claimed by a few, rather Congress is a corrupt thought process and that has been proved by the judicial process today,” Patra said.

After assuming the leadership of the party, Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of spreading hatred and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was taking India back to medieval times.

“The BJP is spreading hatred and communalism… they break, while we unite. They ignite fire, we douse it,” Gandhi had said.

The BJP spokesperson went on to add that elections are won as people compare how during the UPA days, the direct benefit transfer (DBT) was not there and the money could not reach the pockets of poor man.

“Today because of DBT, what the poor man deserves, reaches his pocket. Elections are won by giving LPG cylinders to the last man standing in the queue, when electricity reaches every village,” he said.

(With inputs from PTI)