Awards for Indian History Congress, 2014

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Section I: Ancient India
Professor Vijay Kumar Thakur Prize
Sabarni Pramanik Nayak, AM-22093, Kolkata
Movements and Migration of Brahmanas in Andhra from Epigraphy 7th 10th Century CE

Section II: Medieval India
Professor J.S. Grewal Prize
Nazer Aziz Anjum, AM-20208, Aligarh
Horse in Mugal India

Section III: Modern India and Section IV: Countries other than India
Professor P.S. Gupta Memorial & J.C. Jha Prize
Priyanka Chanana, Delhi University
Caste Ties, Allodial Rights and Colonial Administration in Oudh During Summary Settlement and After 1858.
Priya P., AM-19057, Wayanad Kerala Govt. College, Kalapatta

Popular Distress and The Second World War: Malabar (1939-45)

Section V: Archaeology
Professor Sudhir Ranjan Das Memorial Prize

Biswaji Deb Barma, AM-25125 N. Delhi JNU
A Prelianlnary Survery of Fossilwood Tools in The Saidra Valley, Tripura.

Section VI: Contemporary India
Professor Papiya Ghosh Memorial Prize

Rajesh Kumar Nayak, AM-22943, Chapra, Bihar JP University
Quest For Equality and identity: The Pasmanda’ Muslim Discourse in Post-Independence Bihar.
Ancient, Medieval and Modern India
(Social and Economic History of India)
Professor B.B. Chaudhuri Prize

Anna Varghese, AM-23187 N.Delhi JNU
Ugachchan or Kottigal- The Temple Drummers form Keralam.

History of Science and Technology
Dr I.G. Khan Memorial Prize
Tripta Wahi, LM-2062, N.Delhi JNU
Shah Nahr: Its History, Technology and Socio Plolitical Implications.

Gender History
Dr Nasreen Ahmad Memorial Prize
Taniya Roy, AM-23890
Ownership of the Womb: A Study of the Jatakas.
Indian National Movement

Prof. O.P. Jaiswal Prize
Saumen Mandal, AM-25050, Hoogly Tarakeshwar Degree College, Hoogly
Tarakeswar Satyagraha: A Historical Revisited.
Archival and / or Epigraphica Data

Dr. Gyaneshwari Jaiswal Memorial Prize
Sadaf Fatima, AM-22167, Aligarh
Gardens in Mugal India in the Light of Inscriptions.