Backs to the Wall… Congress sinks further with big losses

Rajat Kain

Rahul GandhiCongress party is routed. Since 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the crisis for party has only accentuated with every election. Keeping away the limited success in Bihar, which were mainly windfall gains due to its partnership in strong alliance, the party has lost states after the states.

And the decline firmed up further on Thursday with Congress loosing Assam and Kerala and its alliance failing in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

“We accept the verdict of people with humility. My best wishes to the parties that have won the elections,” was only Rahul Gandhi could say as he shared his thoughts on his Twitter handle.

“I take this opportunity to thank every Congress worker and leader and our allies for their effort during these elections. We will work harder till we win the confidence and trust of people,” Gandhi added.

The biggest set-back was Assam, only state where they were in direct contest with the BJP. The fight, or no fight, saw BJP alliance steam-rolling Congress and reducing its footprint in a state it had held for 15 years. BJP-AGP-BNF alliance winning over 80 seats in 126-member house with BJP, on its own, ending just a shouting distance away from the majority mark of 64. Spectacular gains by the party who just 5 years ago was confined to 5 seats.

On the other hand, defeated, short of breath and seemingly out of idea, Congress shrunk into the rubble of 26 seats.

In neighbouring West Bengal, the only consolation for Congress was improving its previous tally of 42 by two more seats amid a strong comeback of Mamata’s TMC. While its unofficial ally, Left front, was left decimated folding around 30 seats.

The grand old party’s drubbing continued in Kerala where the party-led UDF was reduced to just 1/3rd in 140-seat assembly. Not just the left-front led LDF win with a handsome lead, key ministers of outgoing UDF suffered losses too.

In Tamil Nadu, where exit polls had given some hope to its alliance with DMK, the results only added to despair as J Jayalalitha created history coming back for the second term and leaving DMK-Congress alliance near but far away from the shot at power.

This election results is the summary of a very serious decimation of Congress, whose organisation is lying in shambles and once strongholds are shrinking into small corners, looking loose enough to be chipped out.