In a balancing act, China to send special envoy to N Korea

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Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@XHNews

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@XHNews

Day after United States President Donald Trump concluded his five-nation Asia tour, where he visited China and held bilateral meeting with Xi Jinping, there are reports of Beijing preparing to send a special envoy to North Korea.

America’s already cold relations with North Korea have frozen further after Trump regime took over.

China is North Korea’s closest ally and its largest trading partner. The Beijing establishment is also seen to be having a hotline with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

According to Chinese state media Xinhua, President Xi Jinping’s special envoy, Song Tao, will be heading to North Korea on Friday to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s congress, which took place last month.

File photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un,

File photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

The announcement has come a day after the end of Trump’s five-nation tour of Asia, including meetings with Xi during which the US leader urged his Chinese counterpart to act fast to rein in North Korea, warning that “time is quickly running out”.

The US administration thinks China’s economic leverage over North Korea is the key to strong-arming Pyongyang into halting its nuclear weapons and missile programmes.

On Sunday, Trump said Xi stated that “he is upping the sanctions against” North Korea, though China has not announced any new punitive measures.

The two leaders – Trump and Kim Jong-Un – have been less than sparing on each other over their public statement in the press off-late. In a surprise development, however, Trump was quoted by the American press to have said that he is “open to meet anyone” on a question of meeting Pyongyang leader.

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