Ballot is more powerful than bullet says VP M Venkaiah Naidu


Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addresses the 1st LAWASIA  Human Rights Conference in New Delhi on February 10, 2019.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addresses the 1st LAWASIA Human Rights Conference in New Delhi on February 10, 2019. (Twitter Photo)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday slammed some activists for either “defending” or “maintaining silence” regarding violation of human rights by some groups and said “ballot is more powerful than bullet”.

Giving a valedictory address in the closing ceremony of the first Law Association For Asia and the Pacific (LAWASIA) conference here, Naidu said violence is one of the “worst forms” of human rights violations and urged the international community to work towards achieving peace.

“Violence is one of the worst forms of human rights violations because democracy essentially is all about protection of fundamental rights of individuals. Ironically some activist groups tend to adopt a paradoxical attitude towards human rights. They either defend or maintain silence regarding the violation of human rights by violent groups or are ready to condemn law enforcing, peace-promoting firm action by the state,” Naidu said.

“Democracy is the best form of government. We are a parliamentary democracy. We have elections, We can change the rulers however mighty they may be, because it has been proved beyond doubt that ballot is more powerful than bullet,” he said.

He also said that the perpetrators of violence can claim no human rights.

“You cannot follow this theory of power through gun and take the gun and then when you are arrested, claim human rights violation,” said Naidu, in an apparent reference to left-wing extremism.

He also said that “some people” have taken it up as a “fashion” these days to defend such forces.

“We have seen some people they have taken it as fashion to defend such forces, such people. This is not acceptable at all in a democracy. Any violation of the right of any individual is not acceptable either by the government of other citizens also,” said Naidu.

Agreeing with the vice president, senior advocate Shyam Divan, who was also one of the dignitaries, said, “Eventually as the vice president very clearly said as they are all very keen on endorsing human rights there is a counterbalance over there, with the problems which were faced by violence and terrorism.”

Speaking on how the international community should fight terrorism together, Naidu said, “Terror is the enemy of humanity. If there is terror, you cannot have attention towards anything. Peace is the prerequisite for progress. We must work together to achieve peace.”

“Violence by anybody is condemnable. I would like the international community to seriously ponder over all these activities that are being carried out and the problems of terror and challenges”.

Naidu also condemned people who have evaded the country. He said, “You escape and (take) shelter there. Some people wonderfully were saying I am worried about my safety in India. You have been born in this country, brought up in this country. Then you go outside and make a statement that you have a threat to your life. You created threat to the lives of people by disturbing the economy and system.”

Naidu hailed the Supreme Court for being a “fierce guardian” of human rights throughout.

“The contribution of the Indian Supreme Court as a guard of human rights in the country has pushed jurisprudence in the country…The court has been a fierce guardian of human rights. The Supreme Court has made great strives in human rights, jurisprudence, in this country,” said Naidu.