Bihar set for 3rd phase; High-voltage campaign ends

RSTV Bureau

Rahul Gandhi addressing a rally in Motihari in Bihar. Photo – PTI

The last day of campaign for the third phase in Bihar saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in full vigour of attacks.

Addressing a rally in Motihari in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi vowed to root out BJP from all the states of India after ‘victory’ of the Grand Alliance. On the other hand, PM Modi asked ‘Madam Sonia Ji’ to give an account of the 35 years of Congress rule in Bihar. PM Modi held two massive rallies in Buxar and Siwan.

Countering Mahagathbandhan’s ‘Bihari versus Bahari’ pitch, the Prime Minister accused Nitish and Lalu of forcing out Bihari youth from the state in search of livelihoods. In remarks laced with sarcasm, PM Modi accused them of not creating adequate employment within the state.

Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on PM Modi insisting him to “stop telling lies.” The Congress VP debunked PM Narendra Modi’s allegations against JD(U) and RJD on migration of jobless youth from Bihar.

“Modi ji comes and makes big speeches. You ask him what treatment is meted out to Biharis by the BJP government in Maharasthra. You ask them what does he do when Biharis are bashed up and chased away from there,” questioned the Gandhi scion.

Rahul also took on PM Modi on his pet project Make in India project.

“Open any computer set and you will see the lion of Make in India but this lion (babbar sher) has not given one job to youths of the country,” Rahul lashed out.

Making references to BJP’s promise of drop in price of commodities, the Congress Vice President said “When dal was at 70 rupees per kilo, he attacked us saying that it was very expensive but now it is 200 rupees and he is conveniently quiet.”

Meanwhile, PM Modi continued his scathing attack on the Lalu-Nitish duo. He accused the Grand Alliance of plotting to take away 5 per cent share in reservations for SC, ST and OBCs. The Prime Minister claimed that the alliance would give the reserved quota seats to “a particular community”.

“The leaders of this ‘Mahaswarth’ (opportunistic) alliance are trying to mislead the people on the issue of reservation… These leaders are making a devious plan. They are conspiring to take away 5 per cent reservation of dalits, mahadalits, backwards and extremely backwards and give it to a particular community,” alleged the PM.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued to use the‘jungle raj’ rhetoric to attack Lalu Prasad, “Nitish Ji says he will give computers to the youth, but when there is no electricity, what will they do with computers. But people in Bihar know that in Nitish computer, there is a Lalu virus Jungle Raj, Kidnapping, Abduction of women.”

PM Modi concluded his speech with NDA’s six point agenda for Bihar – Bijli (Electricity), Pani(Water) and Sadak(Roads), Padhai(Education), Kamai(Livelihood) and Dawai(Medical aid).

In Motihari, Rahul Gandhi drew attention to the Dadri incident and the killing of two Dalit children in Haryana.

“Congress knows how to rule, we ran a government for 10 years. We moved millions of poor from poverty. We will do the same in Bihar. There will be no Suit Boot ki Sarkar. There will not be a government that equates Dalits with dogs,” said Rahul.

“Modi ji has addressed 17-18 rallies. He will not be seen after the elections,” said Rahul while mocking the PM.

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