Bihar: Using ‘Jungle Raj’ jibe, PM takes aim at Lalu

RSTV Bureau

lalu-gen-1Continuing the spree of election rallies in poll-bound Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again chose to launch frontal attack on RJD chief Lalu Prasad. Lalu, the former Cheif Minister of Bihar, is part of the incumbent Nitish Kumar-led ‘Grand Alliance’, which is facing a stiff challenge from the BJP-led four-party NDA. Just a day ago, the Prime Minister had taken on Lalu Prasad over the current issue of beef ban, which has drawn polarised opinions and actions in few states.

Raising the phrase of ‘Jungle Raj’ while addressing rallies in Sasaram and Aurangabad on Friday, PM Modi claimed that Lalu Prasad will “remote control” the affairs in Bihar and “kidnapping” will be the only industry that will flourish if the opposition grand alliance comes to power.

“He (Lalu) now wants to run Bihar through remote control since he himself cannot contest elections,” PM Modi said at Sasaram rally in a veiled reference to Lalu’s conviction in the fodder scam due to which he has been barred from contesting polls for six years.

“He says that he is a ‘Big Boss’ and he can make anyone dance to his tunes,” the Prime Minister added further.

BJP-rallySharpening his attack further on the ‘Grand Alliance’, he alleged that Nitish Kumar failed to live to up to his promise of ushering in good governance claiming rise in incidents of crime in the state.

“New cars were snatched away, the houses of the poor were captured. Do you want such days again in Bihar? Should Bihar go back to the same days?,” Prime Minister, who is doubling up as BJP’s star campaigner said.

Addressing the crowds, PM Modi once again referred to the phrase ‘Jungle Raj’ criticising the incumbent alliance.

“When we talk about ‘jungle raj’, it is Nitish Kumar who gets disturbed and not Lalu. It is he who had called Lalu’s rule as ‘jungle raj’. Now he is objecting to it being called so. Does Bihar need jungle raj again? What industry flourished during jungle raj? It is only the kidnapping industry that flourished,” he said.

Attacking the opponents further, the PM said all the parties in the grand alliance have fought each other at different points of time and have now come together only for power.

“What work did you do in last 60 years,” the Prime Minister said criticising the JD (U)-RJD-Congress ‘Grand Alliance’, adding “How many youths migrated from the state. How many factories shut in the last 60 years. How many hospitals still don’t have doctors and how many schools still don’t have teachers. The only road to get rid of this jungle raj is vikas raj (development).”

(With inputs from the PTI)