BJP can’t ignore Bihar polls debacle: Muralidhar Rao

Frank Rausan Pereira

Muralidhar Rao & Frank

BJP National General Secretary Muralidhar Rao in an exclusive interview to Rajya Sabha Television said that the party cannot ignore the Bihar debacle and will take some time to figure out what exactly went wrong in the election. Speaking to RSTV’s Frank Pereira, Mr. Rao reiterated that the party and the Prime Minister are committed to the development agenda and want to continue with the same agenda. “In Bihar, we got drawn into the game plan of our political adversaries and they succeeded in projecting the BJP as a party that was not committed to development”, he said.

“The election in Bihar was highly localised. The people of the state did not accept the views of the Prime Minister. Modi is accepted across the country, but the circumstances in Bihar were different,” Mr. Rao added.

Interestingly, the former RSS ideologue attributed good governance at the local level as a crucial factor that influenced the polls in Bihar.

Asked about the party’s strategy for the future, the BJP leader said that there is an alignment of transnational forces against the BJP and it seems like that is the strategy that will be used going forward. “We are ready for any eventuality and we will develop state-specific strategies for West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the other states going to polls. We have to remember that we do not have a significant presence in any of these states and we have to act accordingly”, Mr. Rao said.

On the issue of intolerance, Mr. Rao said that the party does not subscribe to any kind of polarisation or religious intolerance. “BJP has been a victim of intolerance over the past 70 years. So we know what intolerance means. The people who have been patronised by different regimes in the past have become insecure after the BJP came to power,” Rao added.

You can watch the entire interview at 10 PM tonight on Rajya Sabha Television