BJP, Modi have betrayed people: Mulayam

RSTV Bureau
File Photo ( PTI )

File Photo ( PTI )

Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Sunday accused the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of betraying the people by not fulfilling the promises made in the election manifesto and claimed his party has fulfilled all the promises it made during the Assembly polls.

“BJP leaders and Modi is betrayer (dhohkebaj). They have made a number of promises during Lok Sabha elections but fulfilled none of them,” Yadav said.

He claimed that unlike others, SP acts on whatever it says.

“SP government has fulfilled all the promises it made during assembly polls in three years. Though the promises were to be fulfilled in five years, but we did it early,” Yadav said.

He also accused Modi of being rude and claimed that he had recently scolded a minister, who is very gentle, in his cabinet and even threatened to sack him.

“Unhone (Modi) apne ek seedhe mantri ko daant kar kaha tumhe nikal denge. Wo pareshan tha ki kya ho gaya. (He scolded his ‘gentle’ minister, threatened to sack him. The minister was perturbed as to what he has done),” he said, adding that such behaviour was not meted in his party, where everyone was given due respect.

Yadav asked the Modi government to try to take India’s land back from China and said his party would support the government on this issue.

“When I was defence minister we have given reply to China, when it hit out helicopter. When Modi was shaking hands with Chinese President, his force was erecting tents in Indian Territory. This should be stopped”, he said.

Challenging that none of the state governments in the country had done what SP government did in Uttar Pradesh; Yadav said he would ask the party ministers to employ youths.

“I will call ministers and ask them to employ youths if there is a vacancy in their respective departments,” he said.

Yadav claimed that said the state government was focussed on development of villages, “if the panchayats are developed, the state would develop.”

He said that SP would emerge stronger in the state in the days to come as people are appreciating its work.