BJP is trying to victimise the Opposition: Sharad Yadav

Neelu Vyas

In one of his rarest half an hour interviews, senior JDU Leader Sharad Yadav has torn into the BJP government saying that it is trying to victimise the opposition.

Spacing exclusively to Rajya Sabha Television, Yadav threw an open challenge to the BJP govt saying that opposition is getting ready with its ammunition and the first battle will be the presidential election where all disparate forces will come together.

Yadav rued over the freedom of press saying journalists were not free to write stories what they felt and the media was controlled by the Modi Government.

The 69 year old leader also regretted the unrest in Kashmir saying that he is going to take a lead in bringing different working groups together.

Here are the crucial news points made by Sharad Yadav in the interview given to Rajya Sabha TV’s   Anchor Neelu Vyas

Q) Is opposition going through an emergency moment…? They have no counter narrative for BJP?

I have seen many defeats in the past. These challenges are new but they can be surmounted if opposition unites. BJP government almost every day is crossing the boundaries of constitutional validity. They have o regard for the Constitution We will unite and fight on this issue. During elections Prime Minister breaks all the rules and starts talking about shamshan, which is not acceptable.

Q) Why does opposition look empty handed as if they have no agenda?

Who says we are not fighting. It was because of our unity that we did not allow the land acquisition bill to be passed. Modi govt’s land bill was anti poor and was meant only to benefit the industrialists and the builders.

It’s because of our strength inside Rajya Sabha that we are able to corner the government on all important issues. President’s election is now round the corner. We are strategizing and god willingly we will unite for a good cause.

Q) All issues like anti corruption, farmers issues etc etc which were the calling cards of the opposition have been appropriated by the BJP, what is opposition planning? They have no issues?

BJP is indulging only in propaganda, they are making non issues as real issues before the people, they promised 2 crore jobs where are the jobs and they said farmer’s income will double, where it is happening.

Q) Are you hopeful for a Bihar style of gathbandhan, what is the guarantee that it will be a success?

During 1977 emergency we came together. Situations force you to unite that are the power of politics. BJP is using CBI, ED and Income Tax Dept to their advantage.

They are victimizing the opposition. This will make our task easier. We will go to the people. We will lead protest marches telling the people that our Constitution is in danger. This is the biggest issue before the people.


JDU leader Sharad Yadav in conversation with Neelu Vyas

JDU leader Sharad Yadav in conversation with Neelu Vyas

Q) is it a battle of ideologies, or is it on issues between the opposition and the Govt?

We could win the freedom struggle because of our unity and diversity of opinion. We have to put up a joint fight. . Time has come that we have to unite to protect our Constitution.

Q) Demonetisation was a big opportunity for the opposition- election results completely changed the story? Was it not an opportunity lost for the opposition?

We raised Demonetisation inside an outside parliament. We are still asking the government how much black money could they retrieve, government has no answers. Government still cannot explain the motive. So how do you say that we lost the opportunity?

We do not have numbers inside Lok Sabha but we are doing our best to put up our case inside the upper house.

Government has taken hostage of a certain section of media and that is why opposition voices are not heard or seen on TV.  I demeaned that Majithia report should be implemented because our journalists are not free to write or say whatever they want. How can we say or claim freedom of press.

Q) PM is inspiring confidence, but not single leader in the opposition inspires confidence?

Media has become a hostage of the government. It all the time keeps showing Modiji. It’s not that there are no leaders in the opposition. Who thought Gouda or VP Singh or Morarji Desai will become Prime ministers one day. All leaders come out of a movement, but media has to play a bipartisan role. .

Q) President elections you are the front runner? Are you hopeful of a consensus opposition candidate? Will there be no ego clash?

Opposition is formulating a strategy, unity is the most important thing, and personality does not matter. We will fight tooth and nail to fight the communal agenda of the BJP. Look what is happening across the campuses, Rohit Vemula case was taken up by the opposition in such a vociferous manner. It’s not that we are empty handed.

Q) You are bringing different groups together on Kashmir- can Kashmir problem be resolved by this?

I am trying to bring different working groups together. At-least we will initiate a dialog process which the government is unable to do. I will also invite the govt representatives on this meet which is scheduled for sometime in the last week of May. Manmohan Singh is chairing the committee on Kashmir. Problem with this govt is that it does not want to acknowledge the people of Kashmir. They need to talk to all the stakeholders. Everyday jawans are being killed. This is not a trivial matter.