BJP trying to vitiate atmosphere of UP: Akhilesh

RSTV Bureau

akhilesh_yadavAlleging that BJP was trying to vitiate atmosphere of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday said that besides election areas, their “ideology” could be anywhere and at any level, be it in offices or in police stations.

“I have no hitch in saying that BJP and people of its ideology have vitiated atmosphere of the state. This ideology can be anywhere be it offices or police stations. It can be at any level but police officers have countered it by taking important decisions,” Yadav said.

He was addressing a gathering after inaugurating 100 newly constructed police houses at his official 5 Kalidas Marg residence.

Praising state police, Yadav said, “They (BJP) are fighting for loudspeakers. Fight is on to decide where and what should be constructed. Issue of love jihad was raised in a big way but police has controlled the situation. These incidents were taken cognisance by media but there are many such incidents, which they did not know and police has controlled the situation.”

“When DGP wanted to disclose the reality, a majority of journalists did not want to hear it. It’s not important for us what is running in the news (channels), but who is behind it,” Yadav said.

“Media has sent us to UN. Such a free advertisement, Samajwadi party and its government never got in the past. Many times you (journalists) damage a lot due to your own personal interests. I am the only CM, who was shown most by news channels on the issue of law and order,” he said.

Cabinet Minister Shivpal Yadav said that in the present regime there is no political interference on police and they have been given a free hand.