‘BJP wants to erode institution of reservation’

SansadTV Bureau

File Photo ( PTI )

Terming BJP as the party of capitalist forces, BSP chief Mayawati on Sunday alleged that the saffron party-led Central government was eroding the institution of reservation meant for the downtrodden people to benefit those who funded the party during elections.

“It (BJP) is a party of the capitalists that is being run by big business houses and since they formed the government in the Center they are slowly eroding the institution of reservation meant for the downtrodden section of the society,” she said.

“Since coming to power seven months ago, the BJP government has introduced Bills in Parliament that only benefit the capitalists and big business houses,” the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and Bahujan Samaj Party chief told.

Charging that BJP came to power with the help and support of capitalists and now they are repaying them, she said since the BJP formed the government they only introduced the Bills and amendments in Parliament that benefits the capitalists.

The BSP leader said they (BJP) have only been giving work to the private sector and as there is no reservation in the private sector for the Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes and other backward classes, hence they don’t get any employment and are not benefited by those works,” she said.

“The bad economic policies have only helped the business houses that funded them during their elections, their economic policies have added to the burden of the common people,” she said. Commenting on Jammu and Kashmir, she said corruption has ruled the roost in the state and the people of the state were denied of the basic infrastructure.

Appealing to people to give BSP a chance, she said “you cannot get your work done here without bribing the officers, give BSP a chance to form the government here and all your problems would be resolved”.

While highlighting the achievements of her chief ministerial tenure in Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati claimed that during the BSP-led government in UP, the state witnessed unprecedented development.

“The economic condition of the downtrodden people was improved, the landless people were given land and many other developmental works were completed there. If you want your state to see development, you should give BSP a chance to form the government here,” she said.

Accusing the BJP and Congress for working against the interest of the lower castes and the poverty-stricken people, she said BJP was making false promises to the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the pretext of bringing good days in the state.

“Their (BJP) manifesto is an illusion as they never fulfil their promises, we don’t issue a manifesto as we believe in deeds not in words,” she said.

“Despite more than six decades of independence the minorities in the country including Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits continue to have a bad economic condition. Central governments have not implemented the recommendations of the Sachar committee thus these communities continue to remain poor and uneducated,” she said.

Attacking the BJP for betraying the trust of people, she said the party has failed to implement even a single promise that it made to the people of the country before the Lok Sabha elections earlier this year.

“They promised to bring back the black money in 100 days and deposit 15 lakh in every citizen’s bank account, but all the promises have remained unfulfilled,” Maywati said.

She said that since the Narendra Modi-led government came to power, there has been an increase in prices of the essential commodities.