Black money: Digvijay dares Centre to reveal names

SansadTV Bureau

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Reminding the BJP government of its poll promise of bringing back black money, Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh on Thursday dared the Centre saying if it has courage it should reveal the name of account holders.

“If it (central government) has a bit of courage it should reveal the name of those having black money accounts,” Digvijay singh said.

He accused the Modi-led BJP government of failing its promises made during election rallies of bringing back the black money within 100 days and depositing three lakh rupees in the individual accounts of every person.

“Now when Jan Dhan scheme has been launched and bank accounts have been opened people should send the account number to the Prime Minister’s office and rupees three to five lakh would be deposited in their accounts immediately. You go and ask BJP people when the money is getting deposited,” he said.

Taking a dig at the Union Finance Minister Arun jaitley , Digvijay said, “If assets of BJP leaders of both the houses are taken into account his (Jaitley’s) had grown maximum between 2009 to 2014, even though he had stopped practising.”

“Whether they are of Congress or BJP or whosoever they are, they will reply on their own after getting the notice. Whosoever has the illegal money whether in India or in foreign banks, it should come back,” he said.

On being asked that BJP was alleging that the previous Congress government had made an agreement with Swiss banks for not disclosing the names, Digvijay said that they should make a new agreement.

“Who is preventing them, so before this when BJP was seeking vote Modi didn’t have the knowledge of law? Didn’t Baba Ramdev have information about the law? ” he asked.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Rashid Alvi alleged that BJP was doing politics on the issue of Assembly elections in Delhi. He said that BJP was not respecting the sentiments of the people.