Breakthrough for 2 ordnance units in manufacturing coveralls for personnel fighting COVID-19

Panchanan Mishra

Corona India healthcareTwo units of the Ordnance Factory Board got permission from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories to conduct tests for blood penetration resistance on fabric used to manufacture coveralls for health workers.

The equipment was developed by the two ordnance units working in mission mode within a record time of a fortnight.

The two units include the Small Arms Factory, Kanpur and the Heavy Vehicle Factory, Avadi in Tamil Nadu.

The test exposes the fabric, used as a raw material to manufacture coveralls, to “synthetic blood” at different pressure levels for specified periods of time.

It is required to facilitate bulk production of coveralls by manufacturers all over the country in large numbers for health workers dealing with patients afflicted with Coronavirus.

Earlier the test was available only with South India Textile Research Association, Coimbatore. Testing the fabric for manufacture of coveralls had emerged as a critical bottleneck in the absence of logistics during the nationwide lockdown.

The latest development creates yet another test facility in South India and the first such facility in North India.

This will not only enable the Ordnance Factory Board to ramp up production of coveralls in the clothing factories, four of which are in UP and one in TN. It will also enable other agencies engaged in the manufacture of coveralls to avail the crucial testing facility.