Bring in a law to regulate endorsements: RS MP

RSTV Bureau
Naresh Agarwal, MP SP

Naresh Agarwal, MP SP

Samajwadi Party member Naresh Agrawal raised issue of celebrities endorsing brands and products which do not live up to expectations during the zero hour submissions in the upper house today.

Naresh Agrawal demanded the government to bring in a separate law to deal with the issue of celebrities endorsement that ultimately leave the consumers cheated after failing to fulfil expectations.

Saying that a new fashion of becoming brand ambassadors has emerged, the Samajwadi Party MP said that filmstars, sports personalities or religious figures endorse products which people buy believing them.

“Popular figures endorse brands and people purchase those products by simply believing in the actor or celebrity,” he said.

He also made a mention to the recent controversy surrounding Indian cricket skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni who faced the opposition of people in Noida for endorsing a real estate company.

Actor Salman Khan too endorsed a medical product, Agrawal said, after which SP member Jaya Bachchan suggested that Agrawal should not use the word “filmy”.

Continuing further, Agrawal said that in other countries, there were laws which make celebrities endorsing a product, who fail to make up to the standards projected, liable.

There is a need for strong law in India too so that people are not cheated, he said, adding that a Parliamentary Committee report in this regard has also been submitted, which should be considered by the government.

A number of members of the upper house associated themselves with Naresh Agrawal’s submission.