Budget will fulfil dreams of every section: Modi

SansadTV Bureau
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha.

Hailing the budget, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called it “futuristic”, one with an aim on fulfilling the “dreams” of every section, including the poor, the farmers and the under-privileged. He said the main stress of the budget was focussing on job creation, transparency, urban rejuvenation and rural development.

Reacting on the budget soon after it was presented by Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley, the Prime Minister termed it a key link between the work done by his government over the last two-and-a-half and the steps that it will be taking in the future.

“This is a Budget for the future – for farmers, underprivileged, transparency, urban rejuvenation, rural development, enterprise,” he said.

Lauding Arun Jaitley for presenting a “good” budget, Modi said it will speed up the development of the country, create new employment opportunities, double farmers’ income.

Emphasising that the implementation of proposals in the budget will bring a big change in the financial condition of the villages, he added that it also attempts to raise middle class incomes without any increase in fiscal deficit.

“This Budget is yet again devoted to the well-being of the villages, farmers and the poor,” the Prime Minister said, adding this Budget focuses of farmers, agriculture, villages, Dalits, oppressed and suppressed, the Prime Minister said.

This year also saw the merging of Railway budget with the General Budget. The merger of the Railway Budget will give an impetus to the transport sector’s growth, he said.

“From railway modernisation to economic reforms, from education to health, from entrepreneurship to industry, the aim at fulfilling the dreams of all is clearly visible in the Budget,” he said.

On the Budget making a record allocation for MNREGA as well as women’s welfare, he underlined that the Centre is committed to the welfare of all.

Saying that this Budget reflects commitment to eliminate corruption and black money, Modi said it provides for a comprehensive package of digital economy which will reduce tax evasion and help control black money.

With regard to the reduction of tax for people with lower incomes, the Prime Minister said it was a “courageous step” that will provide relief to the middle class. About tax reduction for MSME sector, he said it will help small businesses to become competitive in the global market.

Referring to the provision on political funding, he said it was an important step to clean politics of corruption.

The housing sector stands to gain immensely from the Budget, the Prime Minister added further.