Chairman expresses anguish on disruptions; Asks leaders to break impasse

Rajat Kain

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha chairperson M Venkaiah Naidu speaks in the Rajya Sabha during the second phase of budget session. PTI Photo

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha chairperson M Venkaiah Naidu speaks in the Rajya Sabha during the second phase of budget session. PTI Photo

Rajya Sabha chairman Venkaiah Naidu on Friday expressed deep anguish with the ongoing disruption in the house over several issues which has led to almost no transaction of business since the start of the second leg of the Budget Session.

I am pained for the upper house of the parliament is not able to transact its business for the last two weeks, he said addressing the house soon after the laying of papers.

“Don’t test my patience… and by that test people’s patience also… People are getting disillusioned… distressed… that we are meeting, we are greeting, not doing anything and then disturbing and then getting adjourned,” he said.

Underlining that he is keen to hold discussion in the house, the Chairman said number of issues are pending before the house to be taken up.

“Every day I am admitting questions, I am admitting the zero-hour submissions, then also special mentions, then there are also call attentions too are important issue, which are admitted by me. I could not take them up despite members requesting me to take them up…,” the Chairman said expressing anger at the disruptions.

The house has been seeing protest by not just the Opposition members but also AIADMK and TDP, who just walked out of the NDA over issue of special status for Andhra Pradesh.

“Parliament is here… to discuss, debate and decide. I don’t know what is happening… If you are insisting on something… you can have your say but at the end of the day we have to go by the consensus or by the majority of the house… and you cannot dictate something and say ‘you go my way or highway’…” the Chairman said, adding, “That’s no way…I must tell you”.

Emphasising that every issue is important before the house, he said, “Why PNB alone… all banking scams if any in the country, whatever has happened… any bank… this system… if something is serious and people are agitated about it and that need to be discussed…”.

“Then these issues… I allowed discussion…other issues also, I am willing for discussion… Even on sealing… if the motion is not in order, I corrected the motion and gave permission also saying sealing is an important issue for Delhi people… and still we are not able to discuss it…” the Chairman said.

Saying that many members are meeting him in the chamber, he said it is distressing that the impasse is not ending.

“Members from both sides… as far as I am concerned I have no distinction between this party or that party… every party’s member in the house, everyone had got an equal right and they must also get an opportunity… appropriate opportunity… whatever notice is given that is being admitted… then why no discussion…” he asked.

Expressing hopes of order in the house when it assembles next week, the Chairman once again warned that members cannot bring in placards or resort to raise slogans to put their point across.

After the adjournment of the house in the morning, the Rajya Sabha Chairaman spoke with leaders of several parties to resolve the ongoing stalemate in the house.

He discussed the issue with leader of the house Arun Jaitley as well. In order to ensure that house resumes normal functioning, the chairman also spoke to leaders of regional parties including AIADMK, DMK and TDP.