Chairman once again appeals to end disruptions in Rajya Sabha

Rajat Kain

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu. RSTV

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu.

Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu once again took up the issue of disruptions in the house. The Rajya Sabha has been seeing repeated adjournments due to disruptions over multiple issues like PNB fraud, special status to Andhra Pradesh and Cauvery water dispute. The house was adjourned till Wednesday in the afternoon after repeated protest.

“It is against the rules for any member to speak without permission of chair… It is against the traditions and rules to make comments while sitting…,” he said soon after the papers were laid on Tuesday morning.

Appealing the members to maintain order and resume business in the house, the Chairman observed, “almost seven days are over, we are not able to function… I make an earnest appeal to all sides to please see to it that the house functions”.

“… people are getting impatient and it is showing Rajya Sabha in a poor light… or even Parliament for that matter,” he said.

The Opposition as well as BJP allies TDP and AIADMK has been raising protest since the beginning of second leg of the Budget session last week. With repeated disruptions and members often taking to the Well of the house, little business has been transacted.

“I have received notices, Opposition wants to discuss, government said they are ready to discuss, Chairman said lets discuss… And that being the case I don’t find any reason for anyone to get agitated,” the Chairman said.

The Rajya Sabha Chairman once again strongly advised the members against the use of placards and banners.

“I request you all please avoid brining placards, banners in the house… It really makes me feel ashamed. I have made the observation other day in the house and I am saying it again,” he said.

Any issue which MPs want to raise the Chair is willing to allow discussions as per the rules, the Chairman said, adding, “let us put an end to it”.

Earlier this week, the Chairman had lamenting frequent disruptions in parliamentary proceedings at the National Legislators Conference, sounding out a warning that if this trend continued, “the people would lose trust in politicians”.