Clinton campaign slams Trump for mocking Indians

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Rothschild: Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, arrives for a town hall Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Rothschild, Wis. AP/PTI

File photo of Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, arriving for a town hall Saturday, April 2, 2016, in Rothschild, Wis. AP/PTI

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign slammed Republican front runner and business tycoon Donald Trump for mocking an Indian call centre worker during his election rally at Delaware.

Clinton’s campaign termed Trump’s antics as reflexive of his divisive rhetoric.

“Donald Trump mocking Indian workers is just typical of his disrespect that he has shown to groups across the spectrum,” said John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton Campaign.

“He has run a campaign of bigotry and division…The kind of campaign he is running breeds disrespect across the globe and breeds division and danger here at home,” Podesta told reporters in Germantown, Maryland.

Podesta was launching ‘Indian Americans for Hillary’, in an effort to garner Indian-American votes for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Two days ago, Trump used a fake ‘Indian’ accent to mock call centre operatives in India. The real estate tycoon said that he was ‘calling up his credit card company’ to find out where their customer support is based.

After mocking the Indian accent, Trump quickly described India as a great place and clarified that he was not angry with Indian leaders.

He said his attack on Indian call centres was a reaction to jobs being outsourced to other countries.

“You can’t allow policies that allow China, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, India. You can’t allow policies that allow business to be ripped out of the United States like candy from a baby…The manufacturing jobs are being stolen. Our jobs are being taken.” Trump said in his Delaware rally.

Trump’s comments, as expected, did not go well with many Indian Americans.

Frank Islam, a top Indian-American in the Clinton campaign who has helped raise more than USD 100,000 for the campaign called Trump’s antics as “demeaning”.

Islam also reacted to the remarks made by Republican Governor from Maine, Paul LePage who had called Indian workers the “worst” and “hardest” to understand.

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