Collective actions needed to correct development strategies to preserve nature: Vice President Naidu

RSTV Bureau
Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu address the 'Connect Karo' event

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu address the ‘Connect Karo’ event

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said that collective actions were needed to correct development strategies to include preservation of nature. Talking about the serious impacts of Climate change, he opined that it was necessary that government, people and the private sector join hands to restore the balance that had wittingly and unwittingly disturbed.

Opining that everybody has stakes in the survival of the civilization, he called for constructive people’s movement on initiatives such as tree plantations, keeping surroundings neat and clean, educating the women and girl child, changing lifestyles to avoid the disease burden and others to correct the maladies in our society and to make our civilization environmentally sustainable.

Addressing the “Connect Karo” program organized by the WRI India, Vice President Naidu said that increase in urbanization, cutting of forests, the rise in energy consumption by way of increased use of cars, electricity, and others have led to indiscriminate use of resources across the globe and accelerated climate change.

To arrest such trends, the Vice President advised for judicious and sensibly use natural resources and consciously adopt a low carbon growth path, without compromising on our economic development.

In the Indian context, the cultural traditions of worshipping nature can provide additional inspiration for concrete, accelerated action. We should love and live with nature. Preserve Nature and culture for a better future, he added.

Saying that farmers were critical for the well-being of the nation, the Vice President said that the wellbeing of our hard-working farmers plays a huge role in ensuring and maintaining homegrown food security in India. He stressed upon the need to take steps to make agriculture more remunerative and sustainable.

In order to increase farmer’s income, we have to enhance their access to markets and equipped them to produce adequate quantity of nutritious food to ensure homegrown food security, he added.

Vice President called for efforts from scientists, agriculturalists and the policymakers to see that land resources were used efficiently by reducing the intensity of harnessing vital natural resources like land and water for producing per unit of nutrition.

Saying that India’s commitment towards renewable energy sources had led to the setting up of the International Solar Alliance, he said that the sector has the potential to create new jobs for men and women across India, contributing to the overall GDP of the country even as we find solutions for complex problems of clean energy.

He also called for the urgent need to take systematic measures to improve air quality as it adversely impacts the health and well-being of city residents, especially our children.