Cong mocks BJP, accuses of making false promises

SansadTV Bureau

File Photo (PTI)

Mocking BJP, Congress on Wednesday accused it of running a “treadmill government” which “seems to be moving” but is “doing nothing” and said the ruling party must answer the people on the steps taken to fulfil the promises made by it during the Lok Sabha polls.

“This is a treadmill government. The government seems to be moving but in reality it is doing nothing,” senior Congress leader Kamal Nath told.

He was asked how the Congress evaluates the performance of Modi government which came to power six months back.

“Nothing is translated into action. You take consumer market, you take capital growth, you take manufacturing sector. It’s all propaganda, announcements…. Nothing is done for common man,” Nath said.

Expressing concern over communal incidents in the country, the former Union Minister said, “This is a government which has got communal benefits”.

On the black money issue, Nath said no money stashed away in foreign banks has been brought back and the government should respond to the people.

“The government has said that within 100 days they will bring back all the money stashed away in foreign banks and people of the country will get money in banks now. The government ventured into a bank account opening spree. But no money stashed away in foreign banks is being brought back,” he said.

Congress has been critical about government’s functioning and also plans to bring out a booklet highlighting what it calls a ‘hiatus’ between the promises made by the BJP before the Lok Sabha polls and the steps taken by the government after it came to power.

The Congress, in particular, is seeking to corner the government on the black money issue, saying that while the BJP leaders made big promises to unearth it within 100 days of coming to power, nothing of this sort has happened so far even after the government completed six months.