Congress will not make false promises: Kamal Nath

Neelu Vyas

Veteran congress leader Kamal Nath has said his party will not make false promises ahead of the 2019 elections. Though in the same breathe, he admitted that his party is yet to have a concrete blue print to take on the ruling party, the BJP.

In an exclusive interview to Rajya Sabha TV, he said that the party won’t promise 2 crore jobs a year but will focus on creating jobs from the service and non service sectors.

On the issue of rural distress, Kamal Nath said that the UPA government tried to increase the minimum support prices every year when it was in power, but it cannot immediately spell out a blueprint to wipe out rural distress completely.

The veteran leader from the ‘hindi heartland’ also defended the soft hindutva approach of the party, which was prominently talked about after Rahul Gandhi’s analogy of the epic Mahabharat to draw comparison between the Congress and the BJP, during the 84th plenary session this weekend.