Consignment of hydroxychloroquine from India reaches US

SansadTV Bureau
File photo: Anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine

File photo: Anti-malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine

A consignment of hydroxychloroquine from India has arrived in the US, days after New Delhi lifted a ban on export of the anti-malarial drug to some countries on humanitarian grounds.

Earlier this week, India at the request of President Donald Trump cleared the export of 35.82 lakh tablets of hydroxychloroquine to the US along with nine metric tons of active pharmaceutical ingredient required in the manufacturing of the drug.

Donald Trump, during a phone call last week, asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lift the hold on American order of the anti-malarial drug, of which India is the major producer.

India manufactures 70 per cent of the world’s supply of hydroxychloroquine.