Constitutional Court discharges Thai PM from office

A top Thai court sacked PM Yingluck Shinawatra for abuse of power which many beleive could push the nation further into chaos

Bangkok, May 7 (PTI): Thailand’s battered premier Yingluck Shinawatra was today dismissed from office by a court that found her guilty in an abuse of power case, yet again plunging the crisis-hit country in to a fresh political turmoil.

The Constitutional Court ruled that Yingluck played a key role in the transfer of National Security Council secretary general Thawi Pliensri and that his transfer was done in an unusual haste.

It said the transfer was done in only four days and there was discrepancy in dates of documents related to the transfer hence the process was irregular. In the ruling, the court said Yingluck took part in the approval of the transfer.

Yingluck, 46, argued that she had assigned her deputy to take care of the issue and had no say in it.

The court also found nine ministers, who were part of Yingluck’s cabinet, to be complicit in the decision and ordered them to be removed from their office.

“Transferring government officials must be done in accordance with moral principle,” the court said
Yingluck assumed office as Thailand’s premier on August 5, 2011. Six months of political street protests have so far failed to force Yingluck out of office with anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) demanding her resignation to pave the way for an appointed government that would institute reforms.

Buddhist-majority Thailand has been rocked by months of political violence that has left several people dead and hundreds wounded, including many anti-government protesters, in grenade attacks and shootings.
The Shinawatra family is one of the richest and most influential families of the country.