Counter RSS ‘order’ with Congress ‘disorder’: Rahul

Rajat Kain

hindu_rssRahul Gandhi launched a stirring attack on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideology and its political front BJP’s functioning. This is perhaps first scathing attack by Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on the RSS.

“In RSS shakhas everybody stands in a straight line. If somebody falls out of line, he is punished with lathis. RSS wants to run the country like this RSS shakha”, the young leader said hitting out at the BJP’s parent organisation.

Rahul Gandhi was speaking at the two day national convention of the NSUI, Congress party’s student organisation. He said that there is no internal democracy in the BJP and there is a “dictatorship” going on and urged the young members of the Congress party to oppose it.

“Where ever they want to enforce the order of RSS shakha, oppose it by Congress party’s disorder,” the young leader stressed amid the cheers of NSUI cadres and volunteers.

Attacking the ideology of RSS and making a firm distinction between the core ideology of the ruling BJP and the Congress party he said, “For RSS, discipline and orderliness is an excuse to finish individuality…Congress party has internal dialogue. BJP is now trying to put an end to India’s internal dialogue”.

But he saved his sharpest attack for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Modi ji went to US, China and even Mongolia but had not time to visit the homes of farmers,” he once again took on the PM over his foreign trips.

Referring directly to the much talked about meeting between PM Modi and his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh Wednesday evening, he said “Modi ji took one hour class from former PM Dr Manmohan Singh on how the economy works”.

The meeting between the two had come in the backdrop of a scathing attack launched by the former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh on the incumbent NDA government. The former had said “this very idea of India is now under systemic assault,” at the capital on Wednesday.

Rahul Gandhi also took a jibe at ‘Make in India’, the flagship initiative of the BJP-led NDA government. Dubbing the initiative as a flop due to the flaws in its basic idea to empower Indian youth and skilled workers he said, “Modi govt is committing one mistake after another. Make in India will yield nothing because you first need to empower poor people”.

And while continuing his attack on the RSS, Rahul Gandhi raised the issue which has usually generated debate among the academic circles. Alleging that the RSS and its members are dictating the education policies at various levels he told the gathering of students and youngsters, “RSS is dictating policies to the Education Ministry. Earlier scientists used to advice governments, now they have stopped doing that”

“Our education system is our future. Students should stand up wherever they see attempts at ideological coloring by govt,” he further added.

Urging the young volunteers and members of the Congress party’s students body to fight RSS ideology Rahul Gandhi stressed to Congress party’s ideology to all levels, “Wherever they want to impose RSS ideology you should go and place facts before students & make them think…NSUI should go to people, students & tell them what Congress party stands for & what is our ideology”.