India’s COVID-19 vaccine is a leap of science, says Vice President

M Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

The year 2020 was off to a battering start with the outbreak of novel Coronavirus that shattered the lives and livelihoods. The new year 2021 made a promising start towards a COVID-19 free world with vaccine roll out. India is in the forefront of this spectacular leap of science that benefits many developing nations as well. Jai ho India!

Indian regulator’s green flag to two anti-Covid vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin on the third day of the new year 2021 has been the news of the year, most keenly awaited, not only by the Indians but the people of many countries, as the humanity is keen to get rid of COVID-19. It was but natural given the debilitating and devastating experiences of the last year. India rose to the occasion. It is a grand leap of science. Not of faith. India is at the forefront of shielding humanity from the deadly disease by demonstrating it’s ability to mass produce the much-needed vaccine and offer it’s own version as well. India’s indigenous vaccine has certain unique features based on the whole virus approach. This is a commendable achievement and all concerned deserve kudos for foresight, perseverance and fruition of spirited efforts.

An unprecedented health emergency has been haunting humanity for about a year as the lives and livelihoods have been severely challenged by the killer disease cutting across the social, economic and geographic boundaries. Vaccines were the only armour to return to a life of safety and security. Spirited scientific efforts came to the rescue of the anxious humanity in quick time in the form of the much-awaited vaccines. It is a clear victory of science. While the celebrations can wait till every needy person gets the vaccine shot, it is not out of context to say cheers to this optimistic moment.

India’s authorization of two vaccines for restricted use in emergency situation is the first step in our graded approach to get rid of the disease. It is a part of the multi-option strategy to insulate as many people as required against the disease. India’s spirited efforts in this regard offer hope to many across the globe conferring on our country the leadership role in the collective fight against the most dreaded health challenge of the last 100 years since the outbreak of Spanish Flu.

Development and administering of vaccine is guided by a stringent regime of protocols and strict monitoring of attendant data. There is no place for any compromise for any reason given the implications of any lapse in the chain. The regulator has assured the nation of due diligence in giving it’s nod to the two vaccines.

The Government of India is working out the modalities of reaching the vaccine to the people beginning with the high-risk medical staff and frontline warriors. The approach is based on the assessment of need and priority.

The year 2020 witnessed our country rising in unison in handling the covid situation. We were all one in heeding to the call of wearing masks, washing hands regularly, maintaining safe distance and staying at and working from home and putting up with hardship. The national leadership both at the centre and in the States/Uts worked with a sense of unity of purpose and action. The results were telling. Required infrastructural capacities concerning testing, production of maks and PPE, dedicated hospitals, corona beds and ICU care were augmented manifold in quick time. As a result, we fared well in respect of case load and mortality rates. This demonstrated national resolve was a big takeaway of 2020. The same shall show up in taking the vaccine to the people in 2021.

India’s leap of science with the vaccine announcement is a clear manifestation of the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. it demonstrates what a self-reliant India means not only to its people but also to that of the rest of the world. India standing tall at this critical moment is one of great reckoning. It vindicates our ethos of sharing with and caring for all. The soon to start vaccine roll out is a certain beginning towards leaving the miseries and anxieties of the last year behind.

Jai Ho India!

Best wishes to all.