Only credible officers can build an effective tax system: Prez

RSTV Bureau

Addressing a group of probationers of 67th batch of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs & Central Excise), President of India said that collection of revenue is critical to the task of nation building.

Ram-Nath-Kovind-President-of-India President Kovind said that revenue collected by the officers is used for the development of the country. He said that tax collection should be a smooth process and there should be a minimum discomfort to the tax-payer.

He advised them to remember what Chanakya had said about tax collection in the Arthashastra that a government should collect taxes like a honeybee, which collects just the right amount of honey from the flower so that both can survive.

The President said that in a sense the young officers would drive GST — which is one of India’s biggest economic reforms since independence.

“The age of globalization and technological advance throws up enormous opportunities for trade and investment. It also, unfortunately, creates avenues for fraud and money laundering. It is their job to promote economic activity and curb fraud. Both these goals are important,” he said.

Kovind also said that the work tax officers undertake has implications for India and for India’s reputation in the world. He also wished the officers all success in their future career and told them that their integrity is not negotiable.