Defeat Trinamool to restore democracy: Left manifesto

SansadTV Bureau

West Bengal Assembly Elections 2016

Urging voters to exercise their franchise for restoration of democracy in the state, the Left Front in West Bengal has published its election manifesto on Sunday.

In the 16-page manifesto, the ref front political vision document said that if elected to power it will see that police and the administration work in accordance with the tradition of multi-party democracy.

“We are aiming to restore democracy in the state and for that we need to defeat the TMC-led government. For the purpose, we want the people to unite and form a democratic secular government in the state,” the manifesto stated.

Manifesto said that the TMC party in Bengal needs to be defeated as the party had collaborated with the BJP earlier and helped spread its ‘influence’ in the state.

“In order to weaken the “communal forces like the BJP”, TMC must be defecated,” the document said.

While releasing the left front’s roadmap document, Left Front chairperson Biman Basu said the state had failed to attract investment during the last five years of rule by the Trinamool Congress. Whatever industry was there had left for greener pastures.

“The manifesto states how soon after taking over the administration the TMC-run government started attacking our workers and then the common people… And now they (TMC) are having an internal feud,” said Basu.

The manifesto also alleged that the economic policy of the BJP government at the Centre had been benefiting the rich and the corporate while affecting the poor.

The first phase of Assembly election in West Bengal begins starts on April 4 and the votes will be counted on March 19.