2nd edition of Delhi’s odd-even scheme begins April 15

SansadTV Bureau
File Photo: In 2014, Delhi was ranked the world's most polluted city in terms of air pollution.

File Photo: In 2014, Delhi was ranked the world’s most polluted city in terms of air pollution.

The odd-even car rationing scheme is set to return in Delhi for a second phase. The second phase will be held for 15 days beginning April 15, announced Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Addressing a press conference in the capital, the CM said that the government received a massive response when it invited public opinion on the matter. A whopping 81 per cent of the people said that they wanted a second phase of the scheme to be implemented.

However the CM also said that one of the big complaints they received was about insufficient public transport in Delhi.

“We expect 1,000 additional buses in May and another 2,000 by the end of the year,” the CM announced.

In the first of its kind scheme implemented in Delhi between January 1 and January 15, private cars with even number plates were only allowed to ply on even dates and cars with odd number plates were allowed on odd dates only. The scheme was implemented as a drastic measure to bring down vehicular pollution in a city which had alarmingly high pollution levels.

On Wednesday, top leaders of the Delhi government met to discuss the issue. Transport Minister Gopal Rai said that the government decided on a second phase to the odd-even scheme after reviewing over 11 lakh responses received from the public.

The government claimed to have invited public opinion through emails, calls, online forms and interactive voice response system.

AAP MLAs, who organised Jan Sabhas to gather public opinion on the issue, have claimed that the public was “overwhelmingly” in favour of re-introduction of the scheme.

“Around 28,300 suggestions have been received through online forms while another 9,000 and 1,82,808 have come through emails and missed called respectively. The government, on its part, has made more than 9,00,000 calls to gather public opinion,” a senior government official said on Wednesday.

The 15-day trial of the odd-even scheme was enforced to curb pollution in the capital. A fine of Rs 2000 was imposed on the people found violating the rule.

However, the Delhi government has also come up with a number of exceptions to rule. The exemptions list included 25 categories under which people could claim exemption. These included, single women drivers, VIPs and emergency vehicles and emergency situations. For the second edition of scheme, the same exemptions will remain.

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