Developments in Bihar are good for the state: Rudy

Neelu Vyas

Days after Bihar Chief Minister joined the NDA, fold senior leader and Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Rajiv Pratap Rudy has dubbed the decision as a victory for both BJP and Nitish Kumar. Slamming RJD chief Lalu  Yadav for his corrupt practices Rudy said that Nitish’s political philosophy does not match with Lalu’s which is good for Bihar and its development.

Patna: Nitish Kumar and Shushil Kumar Modi wave at gathering after they were sworn-in as Bihar Chief Minister and Dy Chief Minister respectively, at a ceremony in Patna on Thursday. PTI Photo

Patna: Nitish Kumar and Shushil Kumar Modi wave at gathering after they were sworn-in as Bihar Chief Minister and Dy Chief Minister respectively, at a ceremony in Patna on Thursday. PTI Photo

On being asked if Nitish again jumps the NDA ship before general elections, Rudy dismissed the question saying that he did not want to speculate on a situation that did not exist. Speaking at length on his ministry’s achievement Rudy said that creating millions of jobs was a daunting task but the NDA govt progress is on the right track. He even emphasized how different skills will be judged under different parameters and then the certification will be done ensuring quality outcomes.

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Q: Nitish’s entry into NDA fold, do you see it an s victory of Nitish or is it NDA’s victory?

A: Well both. It was a bold decision taken by Nitish Kumar. The general perception of Nitish Kumar across the country is that he is a gentleman. He is a clean man. Last two year all these things were going against him. We all felt the pressure of Lalu Prasad Yadav being with him, Nitish was under pressure. There was a contradiction in his behavior, in his decision making, in his performance. Since there is a contradiction in the philosophy in what Lalu Prasad Yadav carried to get the support of the government, to be with his children. I’m sure Nitish Kumar was feeling suffocated, may not have expressed it, but at some point, it had to boil out. Going and resigning, knowing that the government is stable or not, having done this he has done a good job for Bihar. Bihar was heading for a complete anarchy rather is in a complete anarchy, he did a good job doing it.

Q: Analysists say that this was a well-calibrated script, for BJP and Nitish Kumar both…

A: Yes, what is the harm in it? A week ago or ten days back, no one knew that this is going to happen. In politics, pitching for right alliances is all that works, he remains in power or someone else remaining in power. When PM gave his very first speech from Red Fort, he said that he is not Pradhan mantra but a Pradhan Sevak. The main philosophy is you there for yourself or for yourself. He thought for the welfare of the people of Bihar. So getting into an alliance with the NDA will actually help Bihar people in their development. This is the first time that center and state government are on the same page.

Q: If we see the past two years, Nitish Kumar was the one who foisted the anti-BJP kind of a stance, he was the one who was harping on the fact of sangh mukth Bharat…

A: May be he did that. May be he didn’t see the virtues of BJP then. May be he couldn’t access the virtues of the PM then. If it has happened over a particular period of time, then it’s for the good. And I think it’s good for the state.

Q: When Nitish Kumar was harping over the sangh mukth Bharat, how palpable will it be for BJP?

A: There is always a reform that takes place. Whatever may be the personal philosophy of Nitish Kumar that was no way in consonance with Lalu Yadav? Is it not the truth? If you see that he was under pressure because of the charges of corruption. He always pitched for zero corruption government. So he took the right decision of joining hands with BJP. I worked with the government for the past three years and I didn’t find any charges of corruption on it. I have seen him perform and he is a great performer.

Q: The kind of development that has been taken place in the recent, he had been shifting his base?

A: The has to find a tune to what he has to do politically, That much of space has to be given to the leader. This is a brave step on his part. He is against corruption and him definitely there for the development of Bihar.

Q: The frequency in which he is jumping the ship, are you not scared?

A: I will not anticipate things. He has given a full call to what he has opted for. Whatever he has done for the people of Bihar is commendable. But the present situation of the state is that most of them are leaving the state of Bihar. What is the situation in the state, does anyone analyze it? So in a democracy people do have the right to do changes.

Q: When Lalu Yadav says that he has trusted Nitish blindly, but got betrayal in return… Is not BJP scared about it that it may fall to them as well?

A: We are not anticipating things. I believe he is a performer. You are talking about Lalu, who is not allowed to contest election by the Constitution. Isn’t he charged of thousands of crores in fodder scam? Isn’t he charged of 10,000 crores of money fraud when he was a union minister? Is he worth talking about in this democracy? He is not a man of correct order so we should refrain talking about him. Lalu solely works on caste basis.

Q: It is known that he is not allowed to contest elections but he was an important figure in the mahagathbandhan?

A: That is why you legitimise Lalu Prasad who is convicted, he is a leader who is guided by prisoners in jail who are MLAs and MPs. It is absolutely incorrect to discuss about such a person on national television as if he is a great leader in politics. You are focusing on leaders who are not worth.  Do you know that I have been in politics for last thirty years? Do you know that I have defeated Rabri Devi and then came to main stream politics? Leaders who are into caste, corruption and theft, they are been discussed.

Q: Nitish joining BJP, will there be new style of politics seen? Do we see the end of mandal politics?

A: Everyone has their own planks of believe when the larger things are concerned. Everyone has their own conviction. The narrative of BJP governance is that helping the poor, working for the flights of farmers, who want to join this narrative, is most welcome.

Q: Does it change the climate of the party, Nitish joining BJP?

A: He has bolstered his image by joining BJP. In public his posture has gone up. And whatever BJP has done in the state of Bihar is well known to people.

Q: You have seen Bihar very closely, whenever there is an allegation of corruption on Congress , they tend to say that they are being witch hunted by NJP?

A: It is a common trend. In Bihar, corruption and governance is a non-issue. We as politicians have thrived from such situations. Caste and caste combination is most paramount in Bihar. In the coming years, governance and development will be our main focus.

Q: Skill development is the most challenging task, how do you tend to deal with this as a minister?

A: Skills is not static today. My biggest challenge was to define skills. What is the skill ministry stands for, what is the PM vision regarding skill. Firstly, I appreciate PM that he has created a separate vertical for skill development. Today this is the focus.