Dialogue on Kashmir only after stone-pelting ends: Shah

RSTV Bureau

BJP president Amit Shah has ruled out dialogue on the Kashmir issue until stone-pelting ends, but insisted that the government will talk to everyone once violence ends.

Joint-PC-by-AMIT-SHAH-AND-JAITLEY-400x265Asked if the government will speak to the Hurriyat (separatists) too as was done by the previous NDA government, he said, “Once violence ends and an atmosphere of dialogue is created, we will talk to every one.”

The Agenda of Alliance sealed by the BJP and the PDP before they formed the government in the state talks about holding dialogue with all internal stakeholders.

“We have said that we will start dialogue once stone- pelting stops. As long as there is stone-pelting, there cannot be dialogue. We cannot give them flower if they pelt stones. They will have to understand it,” he said.

Asked if he was satisfied with the performance of the state government, in which the BJP is a junior partner to the PDP, he said it had done very good work on developing infrastructure and succeeded in bringing development to far-flung areas.

For the first time, he has said, Jammu and Ladakh, two other regions in the state besides Kashmir, believe that they have got “justice”.