Digvijay attacks PM over ‘one-rank, one-pension’ remarks

SansadTV Bureau

Congress leader Digvijay Singh  attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday over his remarks on ‘one rank one pension’ alleging that he was “appropriating credit” for the step taken by UPA.

“Now Modi takes credit for One Rank One Pension for Defence Personnel Deserves full credit for appropriating Credit of what others have done.

“Decision of One Rank One Pension for Defence Personnel was taken 2 years back by UPA Govt, funds provided in the Budget and he takes Credit! (sic),” Digvijay Singh said on Twitter.

The Prime Minister, who made a surprise visit to Siachen on Thursday to celebrate Diwali with soldiers, had said that the issue of armed forces was an “emotional subject” for him.

“How many decades have passed without ‘one rank, one pension It was in my destiny that ‘one rank, one pension’ has been fulfilled, and preparations were being made for a National War Memorial that we could all be proud of,” he had said.