Donald Trump is the lone GOP survivor in the race

SansadTV Bureau

US-Republican-Presidential-contender-Donald-TrumpReal estate tycoon Donald Trump is the lone survivor in the Republican nomination race to the White House. After Ted Cruz Cruz, Governor John Kasich of Ohio also announced his decision to quit the race.

“While I suspend my campaign, I have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the Lord will show me the way forward and fulfil the purpose of my life,” Kasich told his supporters in Ohio reflecting on his journey so far as a nominee to the White House.

Donald Trump is now the Grand Old Party’s presumptive nominee for the November 8 general elections in the US. He will be crowned as the presidential nominee at the Cleveland convention in July.

Before Kasich bowed out, Trump only needed less than 200 delegates to reach the magical figure of 1,237 delegates to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Kasich was the last of the 16 Republican presidential aspirants to withdraw from the race. The popular two-term Ohio Governor had a miserable campaign. He managed to win only in Ohio and muster only a little more than 150 delegates from the primaries and caucuses held in more than 40 states.

“The people of our country changed me. They changed me with the stories of their lives,” an emotional Kasich said.

Unlike others in the race, he ran a positive campaign, but could not gather enough support to slow down the Trump.

“So Kasich is dropping out…Hmm … That’s big. I didn’t think that was going to happen,” the real estate mogul was quoted as saying to TIME magazine.

On Tuesday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign after suffering a devastating loss in the Indiana primary.

Trunp’s rise in the Republican nomination race has been hailed by many as an extraordinary moment in American political history. He joined politics only about 10 months ago and was not even a registered Republican until April 2012.

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