EgyptAir crash: Black box located after 2 weeks

RSTV Bureau

EgyptAir-Flight-804-WreckageA signal has been detected from one of two black boxes of EgyptAir plane which crashed last month in the Mediterranean killing all 66 people on board.

Authorities still haven’t been able to zero in on why the plane crashed. Earlier, they did not rule out a terror angle as a possible reason behind the crash. They are hoping the black box will be able to unravel the mystery.

French vessel “La Place”, which was searching for the plane, has picked up signal coming from deep in the sea. The signal is believed to be from one of the black boxes of the plane, an Egyptian committee investigating the crash said in a statement. French investigators too confirmed the news.

“The signal from a beacon from a flight recorder has been detected” by “La Place”, said a French official.

An intensive search is currently underway to locate the precise position of the black boxes, which are believed to be at a depth of about 9,842 feet underwater.

A second ship, John Lethbridge affiliated with the Deep Ocean Search firm, will join the search team later this week.

The search for the plane has been narrowed to a 5- kilometer -wide area in the Mediterranean Sea based on signals from the its emergency beacon.

EgyptAir flight MS804, an Airbus A-320, disappeared from the radar in the early hours of May 19, before it crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with all 66 passengers and crew on board presumed dead.

Some debris of the plane was recovered a few days after the crash.

Egypt had earlier said the likelihood of a terror attack was stronger than technical problems that caused the tragedy.

Leaked flight data indicated that a sensor detected smoke in a lavatory and a fault in two of the plane’s cockpit windows in the final moments of the flight.

(With inputs from PTI)