Emergency was one of the darkest periods: PM

SansadTV Bureau

PM_ModiwhiteTerming the imposition of Emergency as one of the “darkest periods” for the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed strengthening of democratic ideals and ethos. Writing on the micro-blogging site Twitter, the Prime Minister lent his opinion in a series of tweets on the occasion of 40th anniversary of the Emergency.

“We mark 40 years of one of India’s darkest periods- the Emergency, when the then political leadership trampled over our democracy,” PM Modi wrote on twitter.

“A vibrant liberal democracy is the key to progress. Let us do everything possible to further strengthen our democratic ideals & ethos,” he further added.

The Congress government had imposed a state of internal emergency on 25th June 1975, curtailing public liberty, press freedom and jailing several opposition leaders. Though, the emergency was finally lifted in March 1977, the period is often described as the one of state excesses and rampant police rule.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also recalled that lakhs of people had resisted the Emergency on this day in 1975. He also referred to the popular opposition leader Jayaprakash Narayan, also known as JP, in one of his tweets. It was JP’s call of total revolution, which ultimately led to the imposition of emergency by the then government.

“Inspired by the call of JP, several men & women across India selflessly immersed themselves in the movement to safeguard our democracy,” PM Modi said.

Striking a personal note to the memories of emergency era, the Prime Minister referred to the period as the one bringing back many memories. He also stressed that the youngsters had learnt a lot during the anti-Emergency movement.

“Personally, the Emergency brings back many memories. As youngsters, we learnt a lot during the anti-Emergency movement. Emergency was a great opportunity to work with a wide spectrum of leaders & organisations fighting for the same goal- return of democracy,” he said.

(With inputs from the PTI)