Everyone wants a world free of hunger, corruption, terror: VP

SansadTV Bureau
FILE: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu. PTI

FILE: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu.

Everyone wants a world that is free of hunger, corruption and terror, said Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressing students in University of Panama on Thursday. Stressing that everyone wants to lead a peaceful life, he said we all have to contribute to make our planet a more happy place to live.

“Let us march forward with a common goal. Let us be open-minded and work together in harmony. Let our aspirations be harmonious. Let our minds be in unison. Let us strive to reduce disparity. Let us be bound in strong fellowship and unity,” he said.

Addressing the gathering which included students, faculty and officials including diplomats from Panama, the Vice President said “Unfortunately, despite expertise and mastery over the physical sciences, new and more powerful challenges have also emerged in the wake of our technological, scientific, medical and other kinds of progress”.

He also referred to the mounting threats of cyber security, terrorism, nuclear and chemical warfare and other such scourges, which pose a large threat in current times.

“We have formidable, persistent challenges… Corruption, discrimination, exploitation, violence, especially against women and violation of basic human rights continue to erode our social fabric,” the Vice President of India said.

Addressing a gathering the Vice President asked the students to march forward with a common goal, to be open-minded and work together in harmony.

“We need to have politics which have ethical principles embedded in every action. We need to create a polity that that respects each individual. We need to have a governance system that puts the people at the centre,” he said.

He further said that even though India and Panama might be thousands of miles apart, technology and innovation have brought everyone together in the universal web.

“First, it was wired connections. Now, it is the world of the wireless and the digital. Knowledge and wisdom today have been digitized and democratized and are instantly available on our smart phones,” the Vice President said.

Later, the Vice President also paid floral tribute to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Plaza Cinco de Mayo in Panama City.

Wrapping up his Panama visit, Vice President Naidu reached Lima early on Friday, the last leg of his three nation tour to Central American nations. He was received by Peru’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Tourism Rogers Valencia Espinoza, Ambassador of India to Peru, M Subbarayudu and other senior officials.