All eyes on ‘fight of the century’

SansadTV Bureau

boxingThe countdown for much-awaited world’s biggest fighting event has begun. Termed as the “fight of the century”, the boxing match between yet to be defeated American professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, World champion professional boxer from Phillipines is set to take place on Saturday night in the US.

The event will be held at historic MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Texas where the duo will slug it out in front of nearly 16,000 spectators.

The mega bout has been receiving unprecedented attention not only in the 24X7 news world but also on the social media platform.

In fact the online social media has already turned into a virtual battle zone where the followers of each contender are having match between their tweets and posts. The followers are not leaving any chance to boast victory for their heroes.

The biggest question in the world of boxing is that whose boxing skills and moves will dominate the evening? Who will create mega history in the colourful city of Lag Vegas? Will the 38 years old Floyd Mayweather be able to retain his unconquered tag or Manny Pacquiao will abate his victory chariot at Las Vegas?

Besides the fans, the bookies are also jostling their minds, nerves and fate to get the right calling of a dice.

Whosoever wins the World Boxing Championship welterweight belt tag  will also be getting richer by 200 million dollars…a stupendously big amount thus far in any sporting event.